As any good songwriter knows, a good demo is as important as a great song. Adam Kahout creates the greatest demos at the best price you can find anywhere. My songs are just like my children, I want to make sure my babies are treated with integrity and I assure you that is what Adam does. He has done a wonderful job creating performance tracks for me as well and I can't say enough good things about him!

Dottie Rambo

Adam Kohout is one of the most talented people I know. He is an accomplished pianist and he has produced amazing gospel music demos for my company for years. Adam and I have also written together several times. Adam has his finger on the pulse of Southern Gospel radio. He has a true gift of knowing how to produce a demo that will be radio friendly. He knows how much or how little instrumentation the demo will need. I enjoy working with Adam. He has never overcharged me. His demos are professional and polished. I've heard the saying, "You get what you pay for"; but in Adam's case, you get MORE than you pay for.

Jeff Ferguson

We would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Adam Kohout for the very wonderful and professional arrangements of our songs.

It seems as if he crawled inside our heads and knew exactly what we heard as we were creating our music. The final pieces couldn't have been more perfect.

We were so impressed with the talents of every musician he chose from the piano to the dobro, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, etc., and his sincere concern for giving us a quality arrangement that any top notch performer would be proud of.

It didn't stop at the instruments. The backup vocals were done by two very talented and expirienced vocalists, Buddy Mullins and his wife Kerri. They were a gift from God that topped of the whole experience. We are looking foward to Adam & Buddy producing Lauren's next project in the spring of 2007. In our opinion, this is a match made in heaven. Maybe that's why I found Adam's add in the back of the Singing News!

Dan Bailey, Dee Mascitti, and
Lauren Mascitti

I have known Adam Kohout for several years now and one thing I can say about him is what an awesome talent that God has given him. When we first met, he let me hear some demos that he had done that he also had written. I was blown away to say the least. I knew God had his hand on Adam and that Adam was going to accomplish great things in the music industry as well as the kingdom of God. Well I was right about that.

Through the years Adam as grown not only in his songwriting ability but also his gift to put music to those songs. I have had the distinct pleasure of sitting down and writing with Adam, and as a songwriter myself, it is so refreshing to write with someone who not only writes well but plays the piano and other instruments masterfully. I assure you, by choosing to have your demos recorded by Adam, You will not regret it one bit and you will come back time and again to have your demo's or sound tracks recorded by Adam Kohout. Adam uses only the finest vocalist in Nashville today, including the likes of Buddy Mullins and many more.

You owe it to yourself to get your demo's or sound tracks done right. This is the last place you'll ever have to come to for quality and professional demos and sound tracks.

Greg Day

I am excited to recommend to you my friend Adam Kohout for all your track and demo needs. He not only does a timely job but his chart work is fantastic as well. I am always comfortable and confident to send him my rough demos knowing that he always does an exceptional and professional job. My demos and tracks have never sounded better and I have used some of the top professionals in the industry on my work. I couldn't be happier with someone else knowing that the songs I write are in great hands and that the end result is a demo or track that I can not only utilize, but be proud of as well. If your looking for someone to take your music to another level, contact Adam ... his work is impeccable and he knows how to make it the best experience it can be. I am glad to be one of his clients and when it comes to my music, Adam will be the go to musician.

Steven Cheney
Mencer, White & Cheney

Adam is the most talented musician I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I've used his demo services many many times and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who wants a song and a "sound" they can be proud of. ~ Tery Wilkins

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