Are you a songwriter?
Do you need a great demo for your song?
You want a Nashville sound?

You have come to the right place . . .

Don’t compromise the sound or quality of your demo, Your demo will have to compete with the best, Let the professionals with AkMusic Produce your next demo!

Adam Kohout has been producing professional song demos for a number of years for writers from all around the country. He specializes in Today’s Modern & Traditional Country Music, Southern Gospel Music, Praise & Worship, and Contemporary Christian Music.

You will deal directly with Adam to ensure that your song gets recorded the way you want it. Adam takes care of scheduling the right studio musicians, and vocalist to compliment your song.

Your song will be demoed by professional studio musicians, vocalist, & engineers. We digitally mix & master your song and deliver you a product that you will be blown away with.

Fun with New Vision in the Studio

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